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HEALTH Infomercials and Commercials

Below is a sampling of Infomercial Solutions productions of infomericals and commercials for the "Health" industry. Click the play button for each product to view highlights of the finished infomercial or commercial.

The Ab Maximizer Exercisor Commercial The Ab Maximizer
Play - The Ab Maximizer Commerical

The Ab Maximizer is a revolutionary new fitness product that maximizes each abdominal contraction by eliminating the Hip Flexors while supporting your lower, middle and upper back. This helps create lean, ripped, abdominal muscles with every rep.

This commercial was shot in a bright, outdoor environment to emphasize the beauty and lifestyle that can be attained when people are able to get into the shape they want!

Life Alert Commercial Life Alert
Play- Life Alert Commercial

Life Alert helps save many lives each and every year, by getting them the help they need, even if they cannot reach a phone. Because of Life Alert, people can continue living in their homes and not have to consider a nursing facility.

We have proudly been working with Life Alert on their commercial campaigns for over a decade.

TriVita’s Sublingual B-12 Vitamin infomercial and Commerical TriVita’s Sublingual B-12
Play - TriVita’s Sublingual B-12 Infomercial and Commerical

TriVita’s powerful Sublingual B-12 Vitamin System helps people have more energy, less stress and a happier outlook on life.

This successful infomercial campaign has been on the air for over 5-years and continues helping people every day. The campaign was also created as a commercial.

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