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OUTDOOR PRODUCT Infomercials and Commercials

Below is a sampling of Infomercial Solutions productions of infomericals and commercials for "Outdoor" products. Click the play button for each product to view highlights of the finished infomercial or commercial.

Multi-View Mirror with Erik Estrada Commercial Multi-View Mirror with Erik Estrada
Play - Multi-View Mirror with Erik Estrada Commercial

Our job in this commercial was to show how easy it is to miss things in your rear-view mirror due to the "blind spot." The Multi-View Mirror takes care of that problem because it increases your field of vision dramatically.

Erik Estrada, star of the hit TV show "ChiP's", takes safety very seriously both on and off the screen. He hosts this short-form commercial for the Multi-View Mirror, shot on location at his home in the Hollywood Hills.

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Infomercial Eagle Eyes Sunglasses
Play - Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Infomercial

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses are the one-of-a-kind sunglasses so advanced they’re certified as containing space-aged NASA technology and are on display at the Johnson Space Center!

Our job in working on this established infomercial was to clearly show the uniqueness of the Eagle Eyes brand. Our job was to showcase the fashion aspects of the sunglasses as well as the superior quality of their lenses.

Troy-Bilt Chipper/Vac Infomercial Troy-Bilt Chipper/Vac
Play - Troy-Bilt Chipper/Vac Infomercial

Keeping your yard beautiful is easier than ever with the Troy-Bilt Chipper/Vac. This high-powered, professional machine not only gives you a perfectly manicured lawn, it also vacuums up leaves, blows away debris, and turns twigs, leaves and branches into rich mulch for your lawn and flowers.

This hit show features an abundance of breath-taking outdoor lifestyle shots that will make you yearn to spend time in your own beautiful backyard.

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