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SKIN CARE & BEAUTY Infomercials and Commercials

Below is a sampling of Infomercial Solutions productions of infomericals and commercials for "Skin Care & Beauty" products. Click the play button for each product to view highlights of the finished infomercial or commercial.

H+ Skin Care with Cathy Lee Crosby Infomercial and Commerical H+ Skin Care with Cathy Lee Crosby
Play - H+ Skin Care with Cathy Lee Crosby Infomercial and Commerical

Cathy Lee Crosby shows us how her favorite skin care product, the H+ Skin Care System, can make skin look years younger. By letting women know that they no longer have to live with blotchy skin and terrible acne, this skin care infomercial became extremely successful and was on the air for years. Cathy Lee's warmth and sincerity are a joy to experience, and helped make H+ a sensation all across the country. According to the latest figures we received from them, this smash hit infomercial grossed more than $81 million dollars since its inception.

Plump and Polish Lipstick Commercial Plump and Polish Lipstick
Play - Plump and Polish Lipstick Commercial

"Plump & Polish helps your lips grow smoother, fuller and sexier right before your eyes! Other lipsticks may claim to make your lips appear larger, but Plump and Polish actually does!"

We conveyed this unique selling proposition to the viewer by clearly demonstrating the differences between conventional lipstick and Plump and Polish. This was accomplished with a strong script, testimonial statements and computer animation that clearly demonstrated the uniqueness of the product.

Pearly Whites Infomercial Pearly Whites
Play - Pearly Whites  Informercial

Everyone wants whiter teeth, and this remarkable tooth whitening system helps your teeth sparkle.

This infomercial was originally produced by another company, but was brought to us after it did not perform as well as expected. To improve the show’s performance we re-wrote the call to action, videotaped new testimonials and re-edited the structure of the program.

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